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Something You Need To Know

ChatGPT powered Time blocking for Projects

Atomic teams up with ChatGPT to help you plan out each step of your project. It divides your tasks into time blocks that fit the project timeline perfectly. This means you can finish more work in less time.

Find Meeting Time

Discover the best times for your one-on-one or team meetings, and make sure everyone's top choices are considered. Our super-smart tool figures it out, and you can talk to Atomic using ChatGPT to help.

Tell Atomic to Customize your Day via ChatGPT

With ChatGPT by your side, you can design a day schedule that's just right for you. It's all about what you want and need. The result? You'll be super productive and get lots done in no time.

Meeting Request with Availability Sharing and Automated Meetings on Reply

Scheduling meetings becomes a breeze with Atomic. It helps you create a meeting request template using ChatGPT. This template shows when you're available, all neatly summed up. Your invitee simply responds to Atomic with their preferred time, and the scheduling magic happens automatically.

Your Time Preferences and Priorities on Autopilot

Effortlessly manage your daily schedule with Atomic by sharing your time preferences and priorities for various events. Autopilot intelligently rearranges tasks in case of time conflicts, ensuring a seamless and organized routine.

Automate Creation of New Breaks when needed

Elevate your productivity by communicating your desired break intervals to Atomic, empowering Autopilot to handle the rest effortlessly. Experience a new level of efficiency – try Atomic today!

Time block Tasks on Steroids

With the support of ChatGPT, Atomic efficiently allocates time blocks to individual project tasks, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your project's timeline, whether it extends over days or weeks. This approach enhances your productivity by optimizing task management within the project's designated time slots.

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Find Time that Works for Everyone

Atomic harnesses the synergies of ChatGPT and our proprietary AI planner, working in tandem to pinpoint time slots that genuinely respect and accommodate everyone's schedules 🕒.

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Generate a Meeting Request with Availability and Automate Meetings on Reply

Experience the future of effortless meeting scheduling with Atomic. Through the ingenious collaboration of ChatGPT, Atomic crafts a meeting request template. This template not only highlights your availability but also sidesteps the hassles of drawn-out email threads and phone chats. Simply put, your invitee responds to Atomic with their preferred time, and voila – scheduling is automated!

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Autopilot your Time Preferences and Priorities

Empower your productivity with Atomic's intelligent features. Share your time preferences and priorities, and watch Autopilot take charge for the upcoming week. By recognizing that 80% of tasks and meetings are repetitive, Atomic liberates you from the monotony, enabling you to skip redundant and mundane activities.

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What If Your Calendar Had a Brain?

Tap into the prowess of ChatGPT with Atomic – engage in conversations to set up meetings, allocate time blocks, schedule events, locate openings, and much more, all within your calendar. But the real game-changer? Teach Atomic your preferences and priorities, then watch it take the reins on Autopilot mode. Elevate your scheduling game – let Atomic revolutionize your calendar experience today!

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